Monday, May 14, 2012

Taste Setter Spotting

A friend of the Thrift Collective blog tweeted me a photo from a Kitchen Design book.

 Here it is larger:

A quick trip over to Amazon tells me this book, The Kitchen: 100 Solutions to Design Problems, tells me this book came out in 1977. It also tells me that people had way less design problems in the 70's.

So I now have a date! My mystery pattern came out pre-1977. I still have no idea what the pattern name is, Anyone care to take a stab at it? I call it 'Yellow Wink Face' but people have told me it looks like a cat, a sun...Let me know what you think, it'll give me more searches to try.

Check out all that Finel. Don't you want to raid this kitchen? They've got the Finel Sunflower bowl which I adore and already own but whenever I see one I want to buy it and hoard them.

Thanks to @mistertrueB for your keen eyes!


  1. Ana, I think the face looks like a lion. The mouth is cat like and the second circle could represent the mane.

    Good luck!

  2. Wow! What a random place to find it! It was nice of her to tweet it on over to you! I agree with the last commenter, it really does look a bit like a lion :)


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