Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Thrift Round Up

I have resolved to dedicate this weekend to working on our house, so today was my only day to make the weekend thrift rounds. First stop was an estate sale hosted in the basement of a super charming bungalow.  There wasn't much to my taste, but this girl caught my eye.
Even though I couldn't make out the maker's mark and didn't want to annoy everyone in the small room by tapping on my iPhone,  I could tell that she was Scandinavian.  She was priced to move so I did.  Outside in the light  I was able to  make out that she's Rosenthal.  I haven't researched her yet, but that's a start.  That was supposed to be my last stop of the day, but on my way home I drove by not one but TWO yard sales.  The result of yard sale #1:
A lidless Finel teapot.  What is it with me and lids?!  As I posted on my blog earlier this week,  in addition to the Dansk impostor lid fiasco of last week,  I also recently came across a red Dansk Kobenstyle paella pan with a blue lid?!  Anyway, I have never come across Finel in the wild - you just don't find it in these here parts - so I had to take it.  Plus it kind of felt like a rescue mission as she was surrounded by those horrible Precious Moments figurines.   It's so pretty and in really good shape, despite the lidless situation and will likely go in the shop.  Oh well....Yard sale #2 yielded this:
A Zanesville Stoneage Modern planter.  I learned about these through Steve and his wonderful Etsy shop Prairie Decorative Arts.  I had bought one a while ago at a yard sale for 50 cents but had no idea it had any value until Steve confirmed its provenance for me.  I'll add I also paid 50 cents for this one.  Anyway, I believe the thrift itch has been scratched...for now.

Hope everyone has a fruitful weekend!

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