Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small, medium & large

I was so pleased when I finally joined this blog, because what thrifter doesn't love to shout awesome finds from the rooftops? But I haven't posted that much, because most of what I bring home these days are books--children's picture books for my younger children and chapter books for the little reader in our family. As awesome and occasionally exciting as book finds can be, looking at photos of stacks of the American Girl and Boxcar Children books I find are probably only interesting to one person in the world, and she's busy reading those books right now.

However, I do have a couple of non-book finds to show today:

I rarely venture down the knick-knack aisle at our local Goodwill (or anywhere else). But little bird things always catch my eye, and so I splurged a little--$2.99 for this tiny vase (made in Japan). I knew we'd get a lot of use out of this since my children love bringing flowers (and weeds) inside to display. This bird sits on the kitchen window sill and looks lovely there, even when her back is bursting with dandelions going to seed.

Our tools (the hammer in particular) are currently housed in the laundry a cabinet above my a flimsy, open plastic box. That's a recipe for a concussion, my friends. So I was pleased to find this super-beat-up tool box at a Shoreline thrift store. I had a feeling I'd found something good when the two men rummaging near me both paused and waited to see if I was going to take the box or not (believe me, I know that move--I've made it so many times myself). When I picked it up and put it in the cart, one of the men commented on my good find. I mean, it's rusty and kind of ugly, but super sturdy. The hasp (that's what that thing is called, right?) is in good shape so we can padlock this if need be (to keep my children from concussing themselves as well). 

I've never seen this company name before, so I googled it. Apparently everyone else who googled it didn't find anything, because there's this long discussion about the company and its non-google-ability over at The Garage Journal Board. Giller appears to have operated primarily as a defense contractor.

This is an old find, but one that still makes me happy that thrift stores exist. I found this a few weeks before Christmas this past year. It's an Ikea PS Lomsk Swivel chair, and it's $79.99 at the store. I've watched my children jump into the floor models at Ikea and pull the hood down a number of times, so I knew that it would be at hit at home. But instead of paying eighty bucks (which was never going to happen anyway), I got this one for $10.00 at our local St. Vincent de Paul. The seat was a little grimy, but thanks to Ikea making everything in pieces, I was able to pop it out and scrub it in the sink. The kids got it for Christmas and it's been in constant use every since. In fact, my oldest child is currently curled up in it, reading All of a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor ($0.49 at SVDP).

-Margaret Ann

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