Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Beach Flea Market

I hit up the Long Beach Flea Market yesterday and scored some awesome things. Most of which were orange. 

A Vohann clock and two pieces of Pyrex. Not pictured is a shirt the Mr. got. He's already washed it and is wearing it today. Just know it's an awesome Wrangler plaid shirt and he looks handsome in it. The Pyrex bowl is the largest in a set I'm trying to piece together and has been hard to find in the wild. The clock was a great deal. They guy said he'd give me a "screaming" deal on it. He wasn't kidding, $5. Of course it doesn't work and is chipped on the bottom but I'm going to try my luck at some pottery epoxy/putty and a new clock mechanism and see if I can't get it running again. It was too awesome to say no to.

This was not a flea market find but it was orange and I had to share it. A good deal on ebay and it checks off a box on my Kobenstyle want list. I love it and will only serve fancy people fancy drinks out of it.


  1. Love orange! Isn't it crazy how you find things in groups? I always feel like I am salvadging someone's else's beloved collection.


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