Sunday, April 1, 2012

identification help

Hello, everyone. 

I was hoping someone could help me identify these two spiffy pieces I picked up.



This first one was so hard to photograph; I blame the red.

It's a vintage enamelware pot that does not have markings.

It's very big and heavy, and it seems to be good quality.

I was thinking it was Dansk Kobenstyle when I picked it up. I know, I had a brain cloud. It's definitely not Kobenstyle, but I'm not sure what it could be. I did an image search and nothing remotely similar popped up.

Here it is in size relation to Mikasa dinner plates and a 1 1/2 qt Pyrex dish.

I told you the sucker was big.

The second piece is this glazed pottery that was used to house a plant in it's previous life. I'm planning on doing the same, but want to know a little bit about it.

I don't see any markings on it at all, so maybe it was made by a novice?

Regardless, I love it and my plant will, too.

Thanks for your help, Thrifty People.

Please visit my blog froog and doog to see what other goodies I found this week.


  1. Oh what lovely finds! That glazed piece is truly unique! :)

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  2. Dansk usually marked theirs. I'd say Copco but they stamped theirs too.

    That glazed bowl is gorgeous, I'll take it off your hands if you can't find a place for it. ;)


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