Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dansk and ???

This morning I arrived at what was described as a "hoarder's" estate sale, but I knew by the zip code, she was probably just a super enthusiastic collector - nobody in that neighborhood is likely to put up with cat colony action.  Sure enough, I discovered the house owner had once had a booth at an antique mall and many of the smalls were from there.  What a treasure trove.  This woman had great taste and especially in pottery, my weakness.  I walked away with some really special finds, but I'm wondering if anyone could help me identify the following:

Could this little lady be Lisa Larson?  There is no mark on the bottom and she has a hole on top for a candle or such.  The other is Dansk and is marked Denmark IHQ, but what is it?! A coffee pot?  And does anyone know the pattern or approximate date of production?  Thanks!  I'll post all the thrift finds later on my blog.


  1. Hi BrodieSabine --

    This stoneware figure is a piece of figural Japanese ceramic. Very cute!

    The other piece looks like Dansk Flamestone -- the "lid" is not part of the piece.

  2. (and this is @bitofbutter, btw.)

  3. Thank you! So helpful. That lid fits so perfectly, but I must admit it did seem very un-Dansk like.

  4. What she said. Dansk piece is a Flamestone sugar bowl. Here's one w/ its original lid:

  5. Again, thank you both. Anyone need a brown sugar bowl with an impostor lid?!

  6. I had that sane figure in my store, and I described as as a LL look alike. She sure is cute!


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