Monday, April 30, 2012

5th Sunday

This Sunday was the bonus flea market in Long Beach, Whenever there's an extra Sunday in a month Long Beach holds a special flea market. It's usually a few less vendors but still full of great finds.

Say Whaaaaatt? A Cathrineholm Lasagna pan? Yup and it was a STEAL at $10. I also grabbed that awesome articulated lamp and fan for twenty each. I've been on the hunt for an vintage aqua fan forever and they're usually much more expensive. The little vintage turquoise safety pin might be my favorite (and only $5). 

Long Beach remains my favorite flea market, and who can argue with my finds? No one, that's who.


  1. very cool! that cathrinholm really was a steal. but the pin is my favorite too. great thrifting!

  2. CH for $10!!!! Awesome!!!!!


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