Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vacation Thrift

It's been a few months since I've been in a thrift store. The ones here in SoCal really leave a lot to be desired. I was in Seattle last week and I made sure to hit all my favorite thrifts. 

There's something about vintage blankets I love and I can't resist a chevron pattern, I grabbed two nice ones, a Bob Van Allen for Mikasa bowl, a piece of hand thrown aqua glazed pottery and a Three Dog Night 8-Track.

While I was in Seattle I went to a shooting range with my best friend. After getting pedicures we went and shot 9mm guns. I have to hand it to my friend though, she did it in heels. I'm thinking of taping these to the front door as super cheap, thoroughly affective home security.

That's right, don't mess with me.


  1. Beautiful! :)


  2. Love the chevron as well as the color of the blankets! Vintage yet so current!

  3. Thrifting, pedicures and the gun range - you are my kind of chick! I love your finds!

  4. So I've totally had a thing for Shooting targets recently after digging into the work of LA artist Ellwood T Risk. My dad passed away over the holidays and he had some vintage ones that I think I may frame and hang in our hallway...though I'm sure sure he'd be much prouder if I shot them up!

  5. Sorry to hear about you dad.

    You should definitely frame those targets!


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