Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thrifty Finds #33

During  a recent enforced internet break, I think I must've used thrifting as a blogging substitute.  This is just the start of what I've acquired over the last few weeks. Ooops!
Above: Crown Devon Lidded Bowl Circa 1960's - £3 from our local charity shop. I love the chunkiness, the colour and pattern of this pot. I've seen lot's of highly glazed versions of this but I rather liked the matt finish on this one. Currently housing my hair accessories on a shelf in the bathroom! Not quite what the maker intended I suspect, but hey, what can I say, it goes with the colour scheme!

Above: Pyrosil Square Lidded Casserole Circa 1960's - £1.50 from our local charity shop. I already had the little Pyrosil dish in the background so you can probably imagine me clapping my hands like a delighted sealion when I came across this one to keep it company.

Above: Vintage Mixing Bowl Circa 1930's - £3 from Emmaus - These are pretty iconic and I have been after one of these for a while. By British company T G Green (best known for the equally iconic blue and white Cornishware) they are known as "Gripstand" Mixing bowls (also known as Yelloware in the US/Canada I believe) because the little wedge shape you can see near the base allows them to sit at a tilted angle for whisking and such like. Clever stuff!!

Above: Set of 3 Poole Twintone Cups & Saucers - Circa 1930's - £2 from our local charity shop
I just love Poole Twintone. I love the gorgeous colour combinations and the fact that something made over 80 years ago can still look so fresh and modern. That's great design don't you think?

Miss Px


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