Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mid Mod Mom's Thrift Finds: March - Aquas and Browns

Hello thrifting lovers everywhere! I am in a good mood this morning as I finally finished filing my taxes! Woo Hoo! I am glad I am organized and I kept good records of everything! 

But enough about that, as I have a little treasure trove to share with you. First, as usual, my favorite find of the week; a tiny enamel bowl that I believe to be Emalox, but the sticker is gone, so I am not sure. Any knowledgeable readers out there that can help me?

Tired of not finding much at the thrifts, I went and picked through a local antique store. It is such a trill to find something special that has been priced low. This beautiful Dansk Flamestone Teapot was sitting amidst a group of floral teapots and shabby chic napkins. The poor thing was so out of place! I rescued it and it will be up in the store soon.

On Thursday I went to a local estate sale that did not promise much, yet I found this beautiful Desimone Plate. Giovanni Desimone was a Sicilian artist that studied with Picasso. His work is whimsical and colorful. I love finding Italian ceramics.

At another estate in the same neighborhood I found this simple and earthy lidded container by SDW (stoneware designs west) a Southern Cal pottery. I really like the handle on the lid, it sure makes a statement. 

A nice Takahashi tray with a mod flower design came from the same estate. This one has a bit of surface wear, so I might just keep it.

Last but not least, something that is not aqua nor brown. It is a find from last week that I did not share with you. A very interesting Laurids Lonborg kinetic ball sculpture that I have listed on Ebay. I just wasn't sure how much to sell this one for because my attribution was based on how it looks without a sticker to confirm it. Ebay is a helpful place for this kind of object. I already have one bid on it. Happy!

I am in a very good mood! Happy Sunday to you all. 


  1. I have one of the little Emalox bowls in purple. They're so cute and classy. That tray is beautiful,too!


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