Friday, March 2, 2012

Great finds!

I've been on an extended thrifting drought lately but suddenly this week I found some great stuff. Here's what I found.

A Hornsea April Love Mug designed by Kenneth Townsend and made in 1977. So cute! A perfect little gift for someone with an April birthday!

Then at the next stop, a super minty Pyrex Wicker 043 casserole! The paint on this one is so crisp. It looks like it was stored in the cupboard for 50 years and never used. Lovely! I have an extensive vintage Pyrex collection but I don't collect yellow or green so this one will have to go to my Etsy shop. :(
Then I spotted these fantastic Ransburg canisters. Painted metalware with wooden lids. These are also in terrific condition. I love it when I find interesting vintage stuff that the former owners really took care of. I hope I find an equally good home for these beauties.

Hope you are having some thrifting karma out there!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome! Those canisters are a great find!


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