Monday, March 26, 2012

Goodies for Pennies

Hello all--I'm new to the Thrift Collective. We live in Seattle (possibly the thrifting capitol of the world), and I'm the mother to four children and the wife of an awesome husband. I grew up going to flea markets and used book stores, but I didn't really realize the power of thrifting until we started having children while my husband was still in graduate school (in other words, while we were broke). At first it was just for necessities; later it expanded into vintage Pyrex (what else?), as well as everything else under the sun. I love looking around our home and noting all the stuff that we've purchased for almost nothing (or, even better, received for free from friends).

Okay! Introduction over. Without further ado, a few little items from recent thrifting:

Canister made in [former] West Germany. $1.29 at St. Vincent de Paul. 
My favorite part about it (besides the awesome design and how perfect it is as a garlic container) is the warning under the lid to not "place" the cover in "electric dishwashers". 
That made me giggle for some reason. 

Heller Designs Inc. glass containers from a rummage sale--$1.25 total. 
When I came home and saw the same set on etsy for 30 bucks, my immediate reaction was "BOOYAH." Then I opened the lid on the larger canister and found a large chip in the rim.  
Un-booyah. I'll find a non-food use for that one, I guess.

"The Reluctant Dragon" LP, read by Boris Karloff--99 cents at St. Vincent de Paul
My husband has collected records for years. With the advent of children, we've had fun finding stuff for them as well. I have to be honest: some children's records are intolerable. But Caedmon (now HarperCollins Audio) is a reliable label for terrific spoken word albums for both children and adults. This record is too scratched up for listening, but the cover is adorable. 
I'll frame it for one of my sons' rooms.

Happy Thrifting!
~Margaret Ann


  1. Welcome! Seattle truly is a a gem for thrift stores.

  2. The Reluctant Dragon LP is adorable, too bad it's scratched up (such a cool find!)


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