Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buckaroo for $2!

Nothing beats finding a nostaglic toy in the op shop! $2 for a Buckaroo set, with all pieces in tact. Do you remember playing Buckaroo as a child?

Passing on my Buckaroo skills to my son, we both played for an hour today, ah memories, and so much fun.

Do you buy nostaglic toys from thrift shops, either for yourself or your own child/ren?


  1. I don't remember that game but I love trolling for old games.

    "Password" has been one of my favorite finds.

  2. I found that game at the op shop last year for $2 but couldn't get it to buck - so gave it back.

  3. My daughter is now out of college, but some years ago, I purchased "Barbie Queen of the Prom" for us to play. it was one of my favorite games!

  4. Thanks Erica for stopping by my blog, I have bought vintage toys for decoration for my kids bedrooms at thrift stores. I recently have been buying vintage board games and using the pieces in some of my projects.



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