Thursday, February 9, 2012

what I left behind

While mooching around the Goodwill store down the street from my office, a few things caught my eye, but I didn't find anything to take home with me. But take a look at the goodies I left behind:

The blouse was beautiful, sheer, and I loved the print, but after looking at it I realzed I would never be able to button it up all the way. And I was shocked to see a pair of actual wooden clogs at the store. That was definitely a first. This Goodwill store is generally hit or miss, and I only make it in about once a month or so. I'm planning to move back up to Seattle soon, and I can't wait to make the thrifting rounds in the city's been ages!


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  2. Those wooden shoes are great! The only time I've ever come across a pair was at a yardsale... the seller had used them as planters before deciding to give them up. It made the clogs very dirty, but was such a cute idea!

  3. Now you're making me wish I had bought them! I could have painted them bright turquoise and planted some marigolds in them. Darn!

  4. Wow, very good control! I might have had to have the clogs. And sometimes I buy shirts that don't fit so that I can just use the material! That shirt is a good candidate for framing in an embroidery hoop and hanging earrings from.

    I just posted a things left behind post too!


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