Monday, February 20, 2012

Mid Mod Mom's thrift finds

This week has been such a fabulous week, I have been busy, happy busy. Home projects, fondue party and thrifting!  Wood toys was the theme for my finds this week. All of them at different stores... unbelievable!

This sweet old Zoo-Line donkey makes me smile. It didn't last long in the store, it is now going to England. Safe travels little one.

Another Zoo-Line figure, a monkey! Isn't he cute? He will be up in the store shortly.

In the 1950s Zoo-Line, a Los Angeles based company, distributed a wide range of wooden animal figures. These whimsical animals were made in Japan. The line was primarily sold at parks and zoos, and it encompassed miniatures packaged in matchbooks as well as larger figures that had functional uses as jewelry cases or office organizers.

It is widely speculated that these figures were designed by Kay Bojesen but they were not. Never the less, there are a lot of similarities between Scandinavian and Japanese design of the 1950s. The Zoo-Line figures are sought after because of their quirky humor and craftsmanship.

Speaking of Mr Bojesen, you might remember my first Kay Bojesen soldier find. This one is in much better shape, and it costed me a fraction of my first one. It is keeping guard with his brother on a shelf in my office, he might go to the store at some point.

These two candle holders with brass tops are another thrift store find. Made in Japan, I still have to find out more about them. Lovely, aren't they?

Last Friday I went to three estate sales nearby. I took my friend's mom with me, as she loves them. Too bad it was not the best day for great finds. The first sale was in the beach town of Dana Point, the house had the most beautiful view of the ocean and of Catalina island. This was the last day of the sale so everything was half off. I snatched this Sascha Brastoff set as soon as I saw it. I usually do not pick ashtrays, but this one is worth picking, don't you think?

Last sale we visited had some interesting pieces but everything was overpriced. Since the sale was around the corner from my house, I decided to go back on Sunday when everything was half off. I went back to get a Bitossi Rimini Blue ashtray and a mod bar cart yet both items had sold Saturday. I searched again through the house and spotted a gorgeous tablecloth on a table, hardly visible because of all the dinnerware for sale placed on top of it. Colors and graphics reminded me of the work of Vera Neumann, so I took a closer look. Original tag on the tablecloth told me it was a California Handprints product, made in nearby Hermosa Beach. I had never heard of this brand, but I liked it well enough that I bought it. I now know that others like them too, and they sell well on Ebay.

Not a bad week. I feel so productive! What did you do this week? What did you find?


  1. The wood animals are too cute.

  2. I have never seen animals like that before...the are beautiful!

  3. I love the little animals! I want to give the little donkey a hug.


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