Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year of finding beauty behind the dust

Today is the first Sunday of the month, and what that means is the Antiques Market is up and running! I am a believer of tradition, so I decided to sleep in, have a wonderful home made breakfast with the family and then head out to the market... see, whatever I do on the first day of the year will pave the way for the rest of the year! I had no big expectations as I knew that half the vendors were not going to be there, yet I was able to find some treasures.

My favorite find of the day has to be this Arabia of Finland annual plate. I love the design and the colors. The vendor at the market had it amongst a heap of odds and ends, he even lowered the price to half of the asking price!

I enjoyed looking as much as finding, markets are such a feast for the senses, I took a couple images of the beauty found in the temporary arrangement of things. These are my other finds, the colors and shapes that shine under the southern Californian sun.

To make my day even better, I found a set of melmac cups and saucers for my friend, she wanted some and the vendor at the market had plenty of colors. A set of six, with sugar and creamer made a wonderful gift! Sorry, no picture of these.

A small Dutch butter warmer, and a retro set of stainless salad servers also came home with me.

My last find is one that makes me smile. It is a figural candle holder by Stoneware Design West of California. I think it will look great at night. Is it cute? Is it creepy? I am not sure. I only know that it makes me happy, and that is good enough for me.

All in all a great beginning to a brand new year. "The best is yet to come".


  1. YAY for thrifting!! Love your finds :) I found a cute pleated skirt, lots of frames, and mason jar mugs the other day. It was fun I loved it!

  2. poo??? really??? I typed in poo and auto correct took it's toll! Sorry!


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