Monday, January 30, 2012

Mid Mod Mom's thrift finds

I am settling into a routine of sorts with my store: I stop at thrift stores often, I also try to go to one estate sale a week, then, after I clean my finds I photograph a batch of them. Editing those images and listing are the two things that consume most of my time, but I believe this is time well invested in the long run. I list whenever I have time to edit the images and research the items. It is frustrating at times to spend an hour on a listing! Frustrating but necessary.

I am still reconsidering my pictures, but if I decide to change, I will have to change a big batch of images, as to give consistency to the store. So for now, I will keep it as it is. I want to be sure about the new setting before committing to it.

Talking about changes and ideas. I am going to start a regular post on the blog that will feature thrifters and collectors. I am interested in finding out more about others like me, and I am dying to see their homes and collections. I will start with my pals from ThriftBreak, but if you will like to be featured, let me know! Thanks.

This weeks thrift finds make me smile, some I got because I knew what they were, others because I liked the way they looked. Let's see them.

This one I recognized immediately. An original Piero Fornasetti bowl in the moon pattern. I LOVE fornasetti! When we lived in Italy, I always imagined that I would find one of his works at the flea market. It finally appeared 6,000 miles away!

***Update*** I just got an e-mail from Barnaba Fornasetti's assistant (Piero Fornasetti's son, the custodian of his father's legacy) and she confirmed that this was made in the 1950s by his father, this is in fact an ORIGINAL! and she gave me an estimated price that made me really happy!

This cool atomic lamp was something that I have spied in the preview images of an estate sale. This lamp caught my eye because of its unique design. I still have to find a reference or attribution to it. So, if you know anything about it, leave me a note.

This beauty was the other reason I went to the sale. An Arthur Percy bottle designed for Gullaskruf. This one has no label so it is difficult to attribute, but telltale dimple on base, color, and height point toward an original Percy design.

Interestingly enough, I came late to the sale, so I was number 90. I knew that all the people with low numbers were resellers too, so I was surprised to find the two items I wanted still there. The resellers were all in the garage fighting over tools. I am fine with this arrangement.

At the same sale I found this mid century orb wood bowl in the style of Sowe Konst of Sweden. Isn't it great?

I got some other small things at the sale, including a Native American beaded belt, signed in the back with initials and 1905 as the date. I am still researching to see if I can find any reference as far as the maker. I will write a post about it when I have more information.

This very retro casserole in the speckled pink glaze with a warmer stand was love at first sight. I bought it from a sweet old lady who told me all about the great meals she served in it. A sweet find with a story to tell.

Well, these are the highlights of my week, what did you find? 


  1. Amazing finds! I love the Fornasetti bowl!

  2. Wow, I love the moon bowl. It figures...I always go for the most expensive thing. Something for me to look out while thrifting.

  3. You are like a thrifting super hero. Great finds!


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