Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Flea of 2012

Over the holidays the mister and I held a few dinners with our neighbors. We are all Thanksgiving/Christmas orphans with our families spread out over the country. It's nice because we all have so much in common. The boys love talking about their record collections and both of us ladies love to cook and talk about vintage-y things.

The first flea market of the new year was this weekend. The neighbors and I headed to the PCC flea (my boy was laid out with a bad back).  I have never seen so much Kobenstyle in the wild. Both my neighbor and I collect it and were astonished how much we saw. Of course none of it was in our colors and if it was, it was way overpriced. I came home with a light load (sadly no Kobenstyle). 

Picture time!

Two Pyrex lids and a cute lightbulb jar. The top screws off and I'm going to throw spare change in there. I spent under $20 and came home happy.


  1. I can see that lightbulb as a very cool
    Terrarium- what do u think?

  2. Oh a terrarium would be super cool! I have a knack for killing all plant life in my house though.

  3. I've seen the lightbulb salt & pepper shakes before, but never a jar. Very cool!


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