Monday, December 12, 2011

Rose Bowl

It was a gorgeous day in SoCal yesterday. Low sixties and sunny. Perfect weather for walking around and looking at junk. I found two pieces of cookware yesterday. One as soon as I walked in and one right before we left. A nice bookend flea-ing.

Check it:

The aqua Kobenstyle was first. I spotted it immediately and grabbed it. It was $25 and in perfect condition. I didn't even bother to haggle. The lady said if it'd been red she would've kept it. I'm pretty sure she had no idea what it was. Later in the morning there was a seller with a red one who wanted $50 for it. Which makes me wonder with all the sellers who mark up stuff and know what they have, How much longer will we have people who don't Google things? Who have no idea what they're holding? I'm not sure but I hope they never go away, I love them.

The frying pan was last. It's Descoware (Julia Child's favorite) and in great shape except for some cooked on food on the outside, which should come clean with some oven cleaner. It was $10. It's heavy as hell. I'm going to be crazy buff from all this heavy cookware I've acquired.


  1. i LOVE the aqua Kobenstyle!! Would match my kitchen perfectly. One of my favorite colors in the world.

  2. love it!

  3. @Courtney I remember being 9 and deciding that aqua (not turquoise) was my favorite color in the world. I still stand by that decision.

  4. Wow, what lovely zingy colours. Love them


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