Friday, December 23, 2011

Half-Off Thrift Day Treasures

Hi! I’m Kate, and I'm so happy to contribute to the Thrift Collective. I've enjoyed and learned from the Collective for quite a while now, and I’m excited to jump in as a poster.

I blog over at With Little Lights about thrift and style. I'm a thrifter in Southwest Florida, and I love hunting for great items to keep or pass along in my etsy shop. I mostly thrift clothes, but lately an alarming amount of glassware has begun creeping into my basket. This week I stopped by my local Salvation Army on their half-price day and found a few gems:

This 1986 Derby glass is a keeper and will come in so handy for my yearly Derby Party. I have quite a few of these, but not 1986!

Yes! Another vintage Bucs glass for my collection – I have been so lucky finding these lately that I may have to put some for sale. Some folks around here are still traumatized by the creamsicle, but I have a soft spot for Bucco Bruce (the smiling, plumed guy on the helmet).

I especially love finding locally made clothing, so this Tropical Breeze dress was a treat. It was made by a Tampa company in business from 1983 – 1991. It must not have been excessively popular, because I’ve never heard of or come across another item from them. I do love the logo though!

This store is having a special 50% off day after Christmas, so I just may be back for more then!

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  1. Love your derby glass! I only recently started acquiring them, and now have about 12. Not sure if I have the 1986 glass- it is so colorful (not all are as vivid). Enjoy your next derby party!


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