Monday, December 5, 2011

Flea Market Finds

This weekend we visited the PCC Flea Market. The crazy winds had died down enough for the city to clean up a tad and carry on with the more important things in life, flea markets.

Usually I leave the PCC empty handed. It's free entry and a good walk so I can't complain but this weekend I found some really great things. Check it:

Three classic albums Strange Days, Moondance and Some Girls. A dirty-ass piece of Pyrex and a super rad poster in a white acrylic frame. All for under $30. When I asked about the price of the poster I expected  the seller to say $75 but all he wanted was $20. I shoved that bill at him so fast. As for that gross pyrex, here's what two hours in a soapy sink did:

This is why I love vintage cookware. It cleans up like magic with minimal effort. Thanks PCC!


  1. Wow, that cleaned up beautifully. The poster is amazing! Good job!

  2. I looked for months for a copy of Moondance and finally ended up buying it on CD. Lucky find!


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