Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sleek Mod Treasures From my Neighborhood

I hosted a successful yard sale this Saturday, so on Sunday I celebrated by....bringing home even more stock!? Don't worry, I held back and continued to leave behind many treasures, succeeding in only bringing home special items.

I've never seen anything quit like this vintage coat adorned with playful siamese cats. I love their animated poses and the coat is super soft. My kitty Yuko seems to approve. I'll have to photograph myself wearing the pretty dress under the cat coat soon, I love it!

Some groovy mushroom art for your walls! By the way, a lot of people e-mail me asking to buy finds they see in these posts. Yep, they're all for sale. I may even sell you things you see in my house. Just send an e-mail.

I plan to clean-up and rewrite this gorgeous mod lamp. Worth the effort for the $1.00 I paid for it! I can't wait to display it in the shop, next to a pile of records, atop a shag carpet? :)

A lovely pair of dansk candle holders. I have three of these now, I love the atomic-style shape!

I'm half-tempted to keep this beautiful mod table. It fits right in with my couch and living room decor.

Who could resist this fun novelty ashtray?

Another bar novelty find. You put a liquor bottle on top and the liquor is dispensed into a cup below. A "functional" adult toy, and it looks nice sitting atop the bar.

The oldest vintage swimsuit I've ever come across. This one looks like it's from the 40s or 50s? I couldn't resist trying it on, it might look a little funny but it's actually adorable to wear.

Cold weather has arrived here in Florida. Yes, we consider it cold here even if it doesn't snow! I only had one pair of jeans, but the flea market fixed that. Then I saw a pretty brown dress and couldn't resist. I like summer and summer clothes much better...

A quirky kokeshi to go with my growing collection, now eight strong! I've really been enjoying yard sale hunting to yield unique vintage goodies.

What did you find this weekend?


  1. Love the lamp! What a score!

    I just saw a product that might help you shine that up; Eagle One Nvr-Dull.

  2. Nice ones!:)



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