Monday, October 24, 2011

Seattle Thrifting Roundup!

Where did the summer go? It seemed like just yesterday that Mr. Butter and I were buying spring starts for the garden and now we're readying the garden for winter! But enough talk about our impending dark days and rain--onto the thrifting scores for this week!

We went to a few estate sales and thrifts this weekend and didn't find much. I really like what we ended up taking home though! To wit, a pinched glass vase designed by Winslow Anderson for Blenko (it's vase #533) in a great kelly green. This is the first one we've seen in the wild, so we were overjoyed to take it home with us.

We also found a lovely little camel mug by David Stewart for Lion's Valley. It seems like all of our thrifting friends had been finding these lately, so we were happy to join the crowd with such a cute piece.

We also found this pretty ceramic vase. We loved the simple form and steel blue color, but we've been unable to attribute it, sadly. The mark is partially obscured, but judging by form and bottom, we think it's probably from the 1950s or 60s. All of these lovely pieces will be up in the shop shortly!

At an estate sale we found two issues of the Smith College Monthly Magazine from 1941. They were too hilarious not to pass up, especially an article by a Douglas Palmer (Yale '42) titled "A Woman's Place is in the Home." Thanks for playing, Mr. Palmer!

Our favorite find of the weekend is this beautiful, vintage kokeshi doll (found at the same house where we purchased the Smith magazines). Kokeshi dolls are a new thing for us, and I have to admit that we're quite smitten with them. This one is by far the nicest we've run across. This particular doll is a sosaku or creative kokeshi and was made by Shido Shozan (we've also seen his name transliterated as Shito Shouzan) in the 1960s. His kokeshi dolls are quite amazing, so research him if you have a chance. We think she looks pretty perfect next to our Marshall Studios lamp and Jonathan Adler vase, so she'll be staying at our house for a while. :-)

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  1. The doll is so beautiful! I'm going to have to check out the history for those.

    Will you spill how much you got the Adler vase for?

  2. The Adler vase was a whopping $3. If it ever disappears, I know who took it!

  3. $3 That's amazing! and yes, I plead guilty to a crime I haven't yet committed.


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