Monday, October 10, 2011

Rose Bowl

The Sundays when I visit a flea market are my favorite day of the week. I get up early, spend two hours walking around with my husband making fun of people and then come home, maybe with a treasure, maybe with kettle corn, watch a Law & Order marathon and take a nap. This Sunday was no exception. The Rose Bowl delivered tons of people for us to giggle at and I scored a large Dansk Kobenstyle baking pan. At $30 it wasn't a steal but it wasn't bad deal either. It's in fantastic condition, I would be willing to guess it was only used a handful of times.

There were two sellers we encountered that were just unreal with their pricing.  We found some 8-Tracks and since we now have a player we asked what they wanted for them. There was some good stuff Led Zeppelin, Supertramp, Kiss, Queen...a good selection of 70s rock. The guy wanted $10 a cassette. TEN. That's outrageous. For something you don't even know if it still plays & could break the second you try to play it. We quickly said "nooooo" and walked on. Later I spotted a guy hanging up some shirts and in his hand was the Nike shirt my brother is wearing in this photo:

(In case you're wondering, I was building a Lego remote control. 
Suprinsingly no on lets a 4 year old have a real one to play with. Whatevs)

I thought it would be so cute if I could buy the same shirt for my nephew, here's what happened when I asked how much the vendor wanted for the shirt:

Vendor: "one fifty"
Me: " HUNDRED and fifty dollars?"
Vendor: "Yes"
Me: "Hahahaha"

Yep, my knee-jerk reaction was to laugh in his face and walk away. Normally when some seller names a price I think is ridiculous I will just say 'Thank You' and walk away but this guy was unreal. $150 for a child's shirt? Good luck with that.

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  1. $150?! That's hilarious. And ridiculous! What did he do when you laughed at him?

  2. I don't know, I just walked away. I didn't stick around to see what he did.

  3. I collect punk and new wave 8-tracks; there are only a few titles I would pay $10 for.

  4. wow! that's crazy!

    Lindsey Turner

  5. That's a really great dish! Love the color.

    Thanks for stopping by The Veda House and following along. I love to see new faces around the blog!


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