Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost and Found

If you're into 60’s and 70’s Scandinavian cookware...

African art...
or any kind of vintage lamp, then this is your spot.
Pasquale Giordano has owned and run Lost and Found for 5 years and he bases his business plan on one simple theory, 'If I don't like it, I won't buy it.' That's rather practical considering he has to stare at the stuff in his store all day.
"Some other antique dealers are like hoarders, because they’ll just buy and buy and buy as much of whatever in hopes that they’ll have something to appeal to everyone.” Pasquale says his store is about style not volume and he only expects to appeal to customers with tastes similar to his.
I love Lost and Found for two simple reasons, it's not cluttered and everything is clean. In fact when I last stopped in he was busy buffing a previous customers fingerprints off of his white bulb mod floor and celing lamps.
Pasquale admits he’s a neat freak, maybe even a little OCD. But for some people, having a place for everything and knowing where it is, can be more calming than yoga.
However, Lost and Found is not a museum, feel free to pick up and handle anything and everything.
Maybe that's why the vintage items in Lost and Found are simple functional designs.
Lost and Found specializes in Arabia dishes from Finland and Dansk cookware. It's the original version of the plastic reproductions in IKEA, Pier One or Crate and Barrel.
But his biggest seller?
Vintage lamps, or at least rehabilitating them.
Pasquale has an entire workshop of spare parts he uses to re-wire old lamps.
If you’re ever in Stone Ridge, NY in the Hudson Valley, check out Lost and Found, weekends only.


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  2. Great post! I love the gold printed bowl and the scandinavian cookware!

  3. Amazing! I wish San Diego was a bit closer to NY.

  4. The mid-century light fixtures are all awesome!!


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