Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Heart of It All...Baskets

Guys, can I brag for a second about a crazy Goodwill find? (Apologies in advance for my not so great iphone pictures.)

This picture gives a better idea of the height...probably about 3 inches deep. So I'm not quite sure how they'd best be put to use, other than as a conversation starter...

They were a set of what seem to be handmade baskets, made out of plywood, cheap splintery white wood, and rattan. They seemed insane, but wonderful.

So I painted them a glossy cherry red (took nearly 2 cans of spray paint, plus primer!), and they're still a little nuts, but in a much better way. I had them in my booth at a flea market they've started in Cincinnati ( and they were my biggest draw.

I mean who doesn't need a (sizeable and heavy) basket of their home state?!

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