Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Finds

This Saturday I had plans to drive out to Whittier, CA, which is about a half hour away, to pick up an awesome Craigslist find. It was a sweet little Mid-Century swivel chair with great lines, hairpin legs and a great flair detail on the arms. It needed reupholstering badly but for $30 I figured I could make a tailored slipcover and pass it off as Bohemian Casual.

On the way out to Whittier I took a turn on a street right near my house that I don't usually go down and passed a garage sale with some great stuff outside. I stopped and it was a couple unloading a ton of teak, Mid-Century and all around neat stuff. I only had $35 on me, the cash for the chair I was picking up and an extra fiver.

I spotted the ice bucket immediately, like a beacon on this couple's lawn. I asked how much and the lady yelled to her husband "Honey, How much for the vase, urn, bucket thing?". It was one of those moments where you know you're about to get an amazing deal because the seller doesn't know what they have.

Five dollars was the answer.

The wood was pretty dull (easy fix with some Feed-N-Wax), the handle has a large chunk taken out of the back and the lid isn't correct but FIVE DOLLARS and the Teak Dansk ice bucket was mine.

When I got back to the car my husband said he had seen it sitting there and knew that it was something I'd be coming back to the car with.

As for the chair, when we got out to it. I spun it around and sat in it and sadly, so sadly, it came crashing to the ground. At some point it had broken before and someone repaired it hastily with nails and removed all the cushioning in the seat. A cat could've sat on it and it would've broken. So it wasn't just my fat ass that did it in and the store it was in did have the super cute brass candle holder (pictured above).

Oh well, it happens and if I hadn't gone out to check it out I wouldn't of scored my $5 Ice Bucket.

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