Monday, September 19, 2011

Flea Market Finds

The Long Beach flea is becoming my favorite. There's a good mix of professional sellers and regular folks. Plenty of Pyrex and always some gems to be found. I wish some food trucks would show up, maybe it's a permit issue but man it would be awesome to have food that isn't hot dogs at 10am.

This weekend I had a really manly haul at the Flea Market.

A sea captain, lucite cowboy hat and 8-track player. Rad.

The Sea Captain was picked up by my husband he really fell in love with it. He rarely does this at flea markets. We aren't sure where it's going to live (maybe his office) but for $15 it made him happy.

The Cowboy hat I spied early in the morning and when we were leaving it was still there. I kinda needed it. I mean who doesn't need a lucite cowboy hat? I know what you're thinking...of course I tried it on. I knew it seemed familiar to me but couldn't confirm it until I went over my pictures from my visit to the Parker in Palm Springs.

Sure enough, it's the same hat sitting in the lobby of the Parker.

The 8-Track player is the first thing I found and I had been looking on ebay for that exact same model a few years ago as a present for my husband but it would regularly sell for $60-$100 and most sellers weren't even sure if it worked. I found it for $20, there was still no guarantee that it worked but $20 is a gamble I can make. We didn't find the two 8-Tracks until the very last booth we stopped at. Barry White and Earth, Wind and Fire for $2. Score.

We stopped and grabbed batteries on the way home but of course I bought four C batteries and this bad boy takes six. The fact that it takes C batteries blows my mind. What takes C batteries anymore? Why are they even still made?

 When we got home we dug around for a DC adaptor that would fit, we found one and now I bring you to the Audio/Visual portion of this blog post:

I know, I know it's all sorts of awesome. This player and those cartridges are older than both my husband and I and they still play. This is a happy addition to our home, we're both audiophiles and love any form of music. I wish I were kidding when I tell you that we're thinking about getting a reel to reel player.

The bulky sea captain and the awkward to hold cowboy hat made me realize that we need an old lady shopping cart. Does anyone have recommendations for one? Do I need swivel wheels? I think I'd definitely trick it out with a horn, people need to know to get out of my way.

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  1. Smiling at your score of Mantiques! The Man always loves it when I score something that is of an aesthetic he 'gets'. *Winks*

    Thanks for stopping by... yes, Junquing is a Joy isn't it... specially when we score just what we were looking for or desiring!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. definitely all sorts of awesome. i grew up in southern california, but i've never been to the long beach flea market. i'll have to check it out next time i visit my mom.


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