Thursday, August 18, 2011


Last week I won an auction and I have been patiently waiting for what felt like an eternity for my goods to show up and this morning they did! 

If you've been keeping track I have the glass and the ice bucket to this set. In my numerous searches on the interwebs I've only found a plate (like these) and a pitcher on eBay (which got very expensive). There is NO info on these guys other than "Taste Setter Collection" and sadly this info just isn't enough. All that comes up is other designs by that company.

This is definitely one of those "White Whale" items that whenever I find them it makes me totally giddy. The fact that I don't know what else is in this collection; A sugar bowl? A large glass? salad bowls? Makes it fun when I come across them.

So keep your eyes peeled for it, let me know if you find a piece. I will happily pay you for it plus shipping.


  1. Wow, you hit the motherload! Congrats on your new finds. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for these.

  2. They are FAB!!! I will keep my eye out for more pieces for you :-)

  3. It's awesome that you keep finding more pieces of this set. So fun! Kudos!!!

  4. Thanks guys. I'm pretty stoked about it. My silly husband thinks he can eat off them...pffftt!


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