Monday, August 15, 2011

What's a mom to do?

There are still three weeks left of the summer vacay....even my seven year old was moaning about that (as in that's a long time to wait for school to start). A girl after her Mother's heart!

We have been busy, or I could say mommy's been busy, the last 2 weekends. Running a yard sale & lemonade stand. Let's just say, mommy made it through the heat better than the Girlies. By the second weekend they weren't wanting to run the lemonade stand!!

We did well. It was a surreal feeling to be going through boxes of Grandma Patty's things. It took Greg & I 4 hours to get through 8 boxes/totes that held papers & photos all mixed together!! We found some interesting things....

....a box of love letters from boys in the military from '67-'69. Funny! cards from GP, Greg & his brother. Funnier!! (that's 5th grade GP in her white flowered dress & saddle shoes @ the end of the front row) from Greg's dad to GP from the early years of marriage. Funniest!!!

Sooo many pictures!! It was kinda fun reminiscing about her childhood (from what we gathered in paper & pictures).
Finding things from the boy's childhood, Greg telling stories about what he remembered!

Although, I did call my parents that evening & told them this..." I love you. I have many fond memories of my childhood.....PLEASE, don't save all our papers, pictures (multiples) & report cards!! It's too much to deal with!"

That being said, we did well with the yard sales & this crazy momma is prob'ly gonna run it again Labor Day weekend....because we just don't have enough insanity around here!!


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  1. OMG I can't believe that I accidentally posted my blog post to Thrift Collective!! I am sorry!! Well, it was like thrifting & discovering cool vintage things in my MIL's things!! Life goes on, hope the blog police don't write me a citation for wrongful posting!!! HAHA!


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