Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Thrifting

This weekend I went to Rehab Vintage and the Long Beach Flea Market. I got some awesome things. 

At Rehab Vintage I got the carafe with the wood ball. There is something about round stoppers that I just love, I'm not really sure why. I also have the Pyrex Carafe with the cork stopper. Something about those balls...Am I alone in this? Yes? No? Maybe?

I also grabbed some more Pyrex for my collection at the Long Beach Flea Market. I got all four pieces for twenty bucks. Gotta love a deal.

I heard tales of another flea market in Hollywood, it's apparently every weekend. So next Sunday I'll go check it out.

(Originally posted on my blog, here)


  1. i'm in love with all of your items, i love the fun summer colors of your new/old pyrex

  2. luvvv the pyrex. You always seems to find those same colors!! They're pretty!

  3. Nice score! I love the pyrex. :)

  4. Yeah, I like pyrex too. We had some sweet cobalt blue pyrex custard dishes at the store. They sold pretty quick. Right now, we've just got the clear custard dishes.


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