Thursday, August 25, 2011


Check out the UA Thrift Store in Shelby, North Carolina!

Ever since I visited Shelby a few years ago, before ever relocating here, I have loved going to the UA Thrift store on Lafayette St in Shelby.

I find such terrific treasures there.  The UA Thrift also has completely unadvertised clearance sales and bag days so it pays to check there often.  They just put out a sign the day of the sale and that's the only way you know it's going on.

Joy is the manager and Victoria is the one I usually see at the register.  Don't be shocked when Victoria gives you your total though.  It may be more than you ever dreamed...for example, the last time I was there, I spent one million sixty one dollars and some cents.

Not really, ha.  Victoria just makes up a huge number at the register.  It's a fun game.  I always feel so rich.  Where else can you spend over a million dollars and still get change back?

Prices are terrific.  They have a big sign above the register that breaks down prices on common items, with many being a quarter!

The hours at UA vary slightly, in that they sometimes close a bit earlier than scheduled due to meetings, etc. so good to call if heading over around 5 pm.

UA Thrift is located at: 1316 S. Lafayette, Shelby, NC and the phone number is 704-484-3737.  When you go there, tell 'em Neva says hi.

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