Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Hours at Down South Sisters

Down South Sisters Thrift Store and Gift Store Hours Change:

When I (Neva) started helping my sis Deb to get Down South Sisters thrift and gifts going, neither of us knew how long it would be, before Deb went part-time at her other job and took over the store.

My big passion is treasure-hunting where Deb loves displaying the treasures and making the store look different and fun every day.

So.... this past week, we jumped a little ahead of schedule and Deb started to be at the store instead of me.  Our new hours are Wednesday thru Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm and other hours which vary according to schedules.

In other words, you know we'll be there Weds. thru Fri.  However, we're apt to show up on Monday, Tuesday or Sunday on occasion so if you ever want browse on a day we're closed give us a call.  Might actually be in the store.

Also, Deb has a full line up of Saturday workshops for September including the ever-popular build a basket playshops for girls and boys as well as several freebies such as songwriting and poetry meet ups, so check the website for more details on those....

Down South Sisters

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