Sunday, August 14, 2011

hello there!

My name is Sarah, but I go by "echo" online (it happens to be my middle name). I've been addicted to thrifting ever since I started volunteering at the thrift store where my mom worked when I was 12. I love mid-century and art deco styles, as well as Victorian-era tea cups, Japanese wood-block prints, and anything else that catches my fancy. As this is my first post for The Thrift Collective, I thought that I would introduce myself by showing you all some of the things I have thrifted recently.

I'd been on the lookout for some vintage stacking cups just like these, and finally found an adorable set of daisy-patterned cups on Etsy.

I love old-fashioned enamel cookware, and I came upon this gorgeous blue enamel tea kettle at Goodwill...only $2.99!

I'm not hugely into the owl craze, but I couldn't resist this cute little owl bank!

I'm so excited to have this opportunity to become a part of this amazing thrifting community, and I look forward to posting up my future finds!

Thanks to all,
echo - new moon drops

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