Sunday, July 24, 2011

a week of thrifting success

Hi everyone - I am so glad to finally be contributing to the Thrift Collective.
A couple of weeks ago I had mad finds and I'm so glad I am getting to share them here!

First off I found this Ice-O-Mat ice crusher
 I loved the look of it but had no idea of it's value.
After a quick search on my phone I realized paying $3 was not too shabby.
This last week I was on vacation and found several of these exact models in similar colors
for as much as $28 in antique stores - and that is why we thrift!
And as an added bonus, the husband has already used it and it works quite nicely.
 This next little Pyrex bowl came from a thrift store that I'm pretty sure I was the only one who walked through the doors in weeks!  Sure, I probably should have had the sense to turn around, but I was determined to find something.  
Sure enough this Butterfly Gold bowl was just sitting there, with no price tag.
When I finally found the man "running" the store, I asked him how much he wanted.
Fifty cents!  Good thing I didn't offer first! 
 This will be a perfect daily user and just looks pretty with the rest of the collection.
 For a few months the husband & I have been looking for some vintage suitcases.
When checking out a new thrift store that just popped up I spotted them in the corner.
I swear, these American Tourister suitcases were practically glowing in my eyes.
And the best part, when I opened them up,
they were in perfect condition!   The two suitcases were marked $24 & the train case $6,
but I was really lucky and they were also 30% off - sold!
And as I mentioned before, we just got back from vacation where we got to try out 
my new find.  Beside missing the modern luxury of wheels, they pretty much rock my world.
happy thrifting this week!


  1. Excellent finds! Have wanted to pickup that ice crusher for awhile, but all the ones we see always have damage.


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