Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thrifty Finds # 27 - Something for nothing!

Yep that's right. This job lot of fabric cost me zilch, nada, diddly squat! I scored all of these fine pieces of fabric from a very kind and lovely lady via my local Freecycle group. I seriously couldn't believe my luck!
The picture doesn't quite show it I don't think, but there is a serious amount of (very high quality) fabric here...
From top to bottom: 2m Raspberry coloured suiting fabric, 1.5m brushed cotton/flannel in gorgeous berry coloured autumnal print, 2.5m Navy suiting fabric, 3m pure wool in a stunning teal colour, 1.5m grey wool flannel, 3.5m stunning crepe de chine (??Tilly can I borrow your book?!), 4m creamy linen (synthetic??) with grey fleck.
I think conservatively there has to be at least £75-£100 of fabric here. Happy days!

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