Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pyrex & fire king came home with me

Yesterday I must say I found some items I just couldn't live without,
and something monumental happened - I bought my first piece of Fire King
well, actually, two pieces!
First off, I scored that little Fire King Milk Glass Vase for only $2
not sure if I'm keeping it since I kill every plant possible
but I may try to get creative with it's purpose
The Second piece of Fire King was that Gold Sunflower...
yup, that's where I stop
I'm not sure what exactly this piece is
and as I mentioned before I'm not an avid Fire King buyer
but this piece just caught my eye as unique
not to mention - 50% off meant I brought it home for $5
I have found a similar shaped piece & it was called a casserole dish
I'm pretty sure I'm going to use it on my end table as a "catch all" for living room stuff!
Finally, some pretty pyrex came to me
I just loved the Pink Daisy Casserole for $4
and the little Blue 401 Bowl I needed to complete my primary set!
also, $4
So, all in all, this day was pretty great
but now I'm realizing that starting an Etsy shop may be looming in the future

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