Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm back

Hello! Thrift Collective readers, I apologise for by absence! Well, you see, I've completed a three month shopping (in my case thrifting) sabbatical called the Free Fashion Challenge. Why? A bit of a personal challenge really, to see if I could do it. I did!

Now I'm back, and I've started venturing into the op shops (thrift stores) again, but not in a crazy way, just to have a guilt-free browse.

I picked up a vintage yellow cardigan this week for $5. I'm going to refashion it because right now the fit is a bit too granny, but it has potential I promise; golden buttons and shoulder bows! I'll post the 'after' once complete.

I have been refashioning existing thrifted garments during my sabbatical and just finished making a dress made from a $2 tablecloth which you can see my my blog if you would like to!


Here is the 'after'..


  1. Welcome Back! Did you pick up a hobby to resist the thrifting urge?

  2. Ana yes, lots and lots of sewing! And baking :)


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