Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great Boyfriend Gift

I find gifting for the males in my life rather difficult! For instance, if it's not a book for my dad, I'm at a loss. But while thrifting recently, I stumbled upon something that could really be great: vintage shakers. Whether for use at a party, or some masculine knick knackery, they are a great addition to any decor. Here are the two I've found so far. And as with men, it's so wonderful to have the combination of both usefuless and good looks! :P

I love the above shaker for it's easy to handle size, and the just aged enough lid, but the one below is magnificent because of it's size - makes a real statement. And quite a drink!


  1. Barware is a great idea for the menfolk. Anything with leather or brass accents ups the testosterone appeal.


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