Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The day has been good

For some family time & some thrifting! I'm training the husband & teaching the girls @ a young age....hahaha!

A few pics for a look-see...

Set of 6 vintage "hombre" glasses...nice & heavy!

Found all these goodies for $4.60 total!! Yep that's good pricing!

Stopped @ a new place that just opened. A church related thrift, funds going to stock their food pantry. Found this lion planter & enamel daisy pin. $1 total for them.

The plaques were on clearance .10 each. .99 for the bobble head "kiss me" girl (Japan) @ GW.

Hope your summer thrifting & family time have been blessed & plentiful!!!

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  1. Amazing prices! I almost picked up a set of ombre glasses myself yesterday :)

  2. Great finds! I like finding pretty vintage mugs as well.


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