Wednesday, July 6, 2011

$3 Mikasa Bowl

We went to the Pasadena College Flea Market this weekend. It's the baby brother of the Rose Bowl Flea. It's oddly laid out, half outside and half in a parking garage. With it being in the 90s I was glad for the garage part. I suppose I can't complain because it was free to get in. There were tons of records which made Bob happy but it was too hot for him to get into it. All I came home with was a nice large Mikasa bowl.


For three bucks I had to get it. I'm a sucker for 60s and 70s Mikasa designs.


  1. It's a beautiful color. Then again, I am biased because my kitchen
    has accents this color.

    Terrific find.

  2. We usually hit PCC every month - like you said, free to get in which is the best! A few years back, it used to be all outdoors - the garage is nicer when it's hot. Sometimes there's great finds, but usually we're just there for fun.

  3. Nice! I love the Ben Seibel designs and keep hoping to luck up on an entire set for cheap. It will happen... one day. :)


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