Monday, June 13, 2011


This past week and weekend I visited a bunch of Antique Malls here in Los Angeles. In my Google search I came up with five, FIVE isn't that sad? Well I went to all of them and only ended up with one thing but it's a doozy.

Shield those virgin eyes!

If you remember I've found two other centerfold puzzles. This one is different because it came in a box not a can and it's a dude. Peter Lupus to be exact. Lupus (who is clearly not Jewish) had all his pieces and was only ten bucks at the Long Beach Antique Mall.

Of the five I went to this was my favorite, it was huge and it had everything. It was aisles and aisles of old signs, Pyrex, Housewares, Records, Doo-Dads and Thing-a-Ma-Bobs If there's a heaven, I hope this is what it's like. The prices weren't terrible. This puzzle was $10 and This Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market they had the Playboy Puzzles in cans for $25 and $35.

Although they did have my $14.99 dresser for $485 but I consider that a normal price for Mid-Century furniture here in in LA.

Now I have a weird little pornographic collection


  1. LOL, "clearly not Jewish."

    I wish he was, then. Or at least pick up one of their male traditions.

    He looks a bit like Tom Jones or Burt Reynolds w/out the 'stache.

    In the 70s, my mother used to carry a nude (but shielded) picture of Burt Reynolds on her key chain. It used to fascinate me. If I ever find it...

  2. Well Burt did a Playgirl layout so that keychain has to be out there somewhere.

  3. I am a big embarassed to say that I still have my copy - grin.

  4. Haha, I think it's so funny you have all the nudie puzzles. What a fun collection. Glad you liked the LB antique mall, thats a good one. Did you happen to make it to either the St. Vincent DePaul or the Out of the Closet thrifts while you were there??? They're both in walking distance from the antique mall and 2 of my favorites in the LBC?
    If your doing any more antiquing check out the "Shoppers Maps". My good friend Sasha puts them together along with the blog & she does some pretty good reviews
    Cheers ~ Lara

  5. I went to the St. Vincent's- it was a big empty but the cleanest one I've ever seen!

    We're heading back this weekend for the flea, I'll make a note to check out the maps. Thanks!

  6. I have one of those Burt Reynolds centerfold keychains


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