Sunday, June 5, 2011

Monkey Pod Wood Items

Every so often when thrifting I'll come across some wooden bowl or platter made of this wood. Usually it's in pretty bad shape with scratches and cracks and suffering from ugliness in general. I generally pass them by.

But one day I found this lonely apple shaped wooden bowl at the Sally Ann. At the time I didn't know what type of wood it is, but it looks like something someone picked up on their tropical vacation.

Still, I liked it and immediately recognized its storage potential.  

My thrifting friend didn't know the type of wood it is either but she said that some mineral oil would be a way to shine it up in a jiffy and also keep it food safe.

After some sleuthing on the Interwebs I found that this is likely Monkey Pod wood. It's not all that valuable, but I pretty much knew that when I bought it.

I like it for retro aesthetic reasons and because it stores craft supplies and whatnot quite nicely.

This Domestic Life


  1. I like this apple shaped storage. It has a nice homey feel to it. I'm always spotting this type of wood, but always in a basic circular shape...and like you said, usually pretty banged up as well. Nice find!

  2. I see lots of those on my thrifting adventures in Maui! Lovely piece :)

    Jess @ Upcountry Vintage

  3. Hello,
    that is very lovely.
    greatings send you Conny


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