Friday, June 24, 2011

A Cool Find & What I left Behind

Here's my cool find...
Lux Atomic Teak & Metal Clock
and I regret leaving these Lamps behind. 
Vintage Ceramic White Floor Lamps
Of course I went back to look for them, but at only $19.99 each I'm sure they were snagged quickly.  Oh well, win a few lose a few.
Hope each of you had no regrets this week & a enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Cheers ~ Lara at NowSoLA Vintage


  1. Lovely clock, I rarely see that style at estate sales/thrifts. Those lamps are amazing too, I'm sure they found a happy home though!

  2. That clock is fabulous!!! What a great find!

  3. I LOVE that clock as well. I want one!!


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