Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brattleboro Scores!

This past weekend, the man and I hit up Brattleboro,VT and let me tell you that it was quite the enjoyable experience for me because I got to hit up some consignment/vintage shops that aren't my usual. YAY! First I want to show you some of the awesome things I saw that I did not bring home. (Manfriend would not let me! sadface)

Now for the things I did score? What I call my Jar Full of Awesome:

$10 for the fun of seeing what was in the jar, the jar and some fun costume jewelry to deconstruct

I can never pass up an Elephant... unless it's really ugly, and even then I'll think about it:
$2.75 and well worth it!

And my favorite find of all the shops I went into? This piece of awesome. I have no idea who made this or how old or new it is but it called my name and is singing it to this day:

$15 and my most expensive piece of the day

What do you think of my finds? Should I have brought home the owls instead?! Guh, too many choices but then that is better than no choices, right? xoxo Amanda of Prim and Propah


  1. New Kids on the Block dolls in the antique store make me feel old!!! LoL.
    Loving your red purse though & looks like a great trip :-)
    Cheers ~ Lara

  2. love the elephant and that display case of apothecary jars would have been hard to resist

  3. Oh my the bag! The bag! I'm so glad you snaffled it up!! I think the owls could have done with a new home with you and maybe the Three's Company book:) xo

  4. Love your finds!!! A jar full of awesome=super exciting!!! :)

  5. Purse is fabulous! What a great find. I adore the gnomes too. Thrifting somewhere new is such fun!


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