Monday, June 27, 2011

Beacon's Closet

While on vacation in New York this month, the hubster and I landed in Brooklyn for a day. Some good friends live in the area and took us on a walking tour around town. Lucky for me, we hit up a fabulous thrift store in the area called Beacon's Closet. Unlucky for me, we got there 15 minutes before closing. I felt such joy walking in the door that I declared 15 min enough time for me to walk out with something fabulous and that I did! I scored this fabulous geometric blouse. I love the muted colors and digital-esque pattern.

I wish I had time to take lots of photos but, alas only 15 minutes meant I had to get down to business. My favorite thing about the store was that the racks of clothes and shoes were color coded and that made it so much fun to shop in!


  1. Oh I hate having to rush.


  2. I know that was such a bummer, but it was all good in the end. Thanks Ana!

  3. You may have had to rush BUT you showed determination and that is to be admired haha! Love your top!

  4. Thanks Amanda, I love it too! I have yet to wear it as it's a little HOT here but, come this fall I am all over it :)


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