Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrifting on weekdays is the best

The shelves always seem recently restocked and nobody's come and taken all the treasures yet!

I found this leather samsonite suitcase today - I'm assuming it's vintage because I don't think they make these anymore. Otherwise, I would have one! I love it! Can anyone tell me anything about it?

I also found three of these beautiful Georges Briard plates. The design is called Florette.

Last, these vintage Hearthside Stoneware plates were calling my name. Hand-painted and made in Japan.

Floral Expressions: Summertime

Garden Festival: Prairie Flowers

I also found some pyrex (of course!) and you can read about that in my post at the Pyrex Collective II

I'd really love any history/info behind any of these items if you have it.

Happy Monday!

Recipe Puppy


  1. I love that leather bag and the plates are great finds as well!

  2. My parents had the Samsonite luggage set just like that one. They got it in the 70's and we used them all the way until the late 90's. The only reason they stopped using the was because it's so much easier to have wheels to travel. Very good quality and last forever.

  3. Thanks for the info! You're right this bag seems very sturdy and is in great shape for its age. Hopefully it'll last me another 40 years!

  4. I am going to give a little love to the plates.

    I see the Japanese ones often at the Goodwill and if I didn't need anymore cute dishes I would buy them too, but I am stuffed to the gills with mix n match dinnerware. Sadly.

  5. I remember working for Samsonite as a student and they definitely didn't have them then - and that was 20 years ago! What a lovely find :)

  6. What a delightful collection of plates! I love how they all look great together; but not matchy-matchy. :)


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