Friday, May 20, 2011

the Sea-Breeze and the Shelving Unit

I popped into the local St Vincent de Paul's today, just as an after thought. I hardly ever find anything all that stellar there, but boy, did I get lucky today! As soon as I caught sight of this 3-tier shelving unit, I said out loud "mine!". I have another one of these beauties, but in a light maple veneer. They are the handiest of shelves. This one might be getting a paint job, though (white? orange? yellow? blue? hard to choose!)

Then I saw this old Sea-Breeze tabletop fan. Isn't she a beaut?

{love how worn out she is, and how petite!} 
{my pup Grace had to check it all out, peeking out from behind}

It's always fun when you go into a thrift shop without any real hope of finding anything, but come out with something that was just what you were looking for. It happens rarely, and I still haven't come across any Cathrineholm (which is my Holy Grail of thrift), but I was thrilled to bring home both these vintage goodies.
Hope you get lucky over the weekend, too!


  1. Beautiful finds! I've been wanting a vintage fan for a while but haven't come across one yet.

  2. Seriously I would snap both of those up too! Such beauties.

  3. Awesome finds! Not sure that I would paint the shelves unless they really need it but they probably would look great in white.

    I love vintage fans!

  4. Ana - I will probably leave it as is, because I can't ever bring myself to paint my vintage furniture ... but, it would look fresh in white (or robin's egg blue!). :)

  5. That fan is absolutely wonderful! Is it working?

    And I vote a nice vibrant blue for the shelf!

  6. Love the fan. I am a big fan of fans. Haha. I have two and need more!


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