Monday, May 9, 2011

Howard Miller Meridian Ceramic Wall Clock

OK, I'm a little confused & hoping someone can give me a quick lesson on Howard Miller clocks.
I just came across this beauty at a Thrift Store...a hospital shop that I adore.

The label on the back reads Meridian Clocks division of Howard Miller Clock Company.
After doing a little research, I've found two other examples of this beauty online...but I'm trying to figure out exactly who the designer is.

At Modern Living Supplies the clocks listed "George Nelson" Meridian wall clock made by Raymore.
Over at Mid-Centuria the clocks described as Meridian Clock bearing Aldo Londi's Rimini Blu Design.

Now I know I'm no expert, but I don't think Aldo Londi & George Nelson are one in the same...did they both contribute to the clock?  Were they both designers of Howard Miller clocks?  Is the clock worth more if it's by one designer rather than the other? Any insights on the matter would be greatly appreciated as I'm still slowly learning about Mid Century Design.

It's in great shape with the exception of some slight rusting to the hands.  The pottery has no chips & the clocks TicTic'ing away even after all these years.
Thanks in advance for any advice :-)

Cheers ~ Lara at NowSoLA


  1. Wow, that is spectacular! I don't know much about the Howard Miller or Meridian stuff, but the face does look like a dead ringer for the Aldo Londi Bitossi stuff. I'd guess it has to be some collaboration thingy..

  2. Howard Miller bought faces from many major Modern decorative arts distributers and importers, including Raymor. The face of your clock is indeed an Aldo Londi design, part of his Rimini Blu line.

  3. The more important question is: are you keeping it or selling it?

    It's gorgeous!

  4. Here's the confusing part: some people attribute the hands used to George Nelson's studio. This may or may not be the case. If they were from Nelson's design group, it is likely that irving Harper was responsible for them. That is totally conjecture, though.

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  6. Wow Scott, I really appreciate all of the info & your right...very confusing! It's a neat piece & it's nice to know the history behind it.
    And Ana, though it's a tough call, I'm leaning toward selling it.
    Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!

  7. Let me know, I totally want it!

  8. Glad to help! If you're on Twitter, check out my username: SllabStudios ... there's been a pretty good conversation going on over the past several hours about Aldo Londi, Irving Harper, and Irving Richards, and their respective roles in the design of these clocks.

  9. @NowSoLaVintage -- I'd also love to buy the clock, if you do decide to sell it! You can reach me at eustice at gmail dot com.

  10. Wowzers! Great clock, what a find!

  11. Thank goodness for Scott Lindberg! Scott, you are da man!

    That is one handsome clock.

  12. That clock is ridiculously gorgeous. If I came across that in a thrift I might pass out before checkout.

  13. Gosh I am on love with that clock. You are a very thrifty person if you found that.

  14. I just bought one in orange from a wonderful vintage seller here in Toronto.
    I had to pay real money for it but I am quite certain I would never find one in a thrift... amazing find you made there!

  15. "Ceramic body made in Italy, designed by George Nelson, clock components by Howard Miller Clock Company and distributed by Raymor. Italian, circa 1950."


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