Saturday, May 7, 2011

Curiouser & Curiouser

Made a quick run into a Goodwill yesterday, while I was on my lunch. Found these two little glass carafes sitting on the shelf. Thought they were S&P shakers until I picked one up....there are no holes. They are not water tight though as the serrated edges on the lid allows water to pour out.

Then I saw the word Pyrex! Oh, yeah, I wanted them! So looked @ the tag on the bottom. Wouldn't you know....

.39 each?!? Yep, I snagged the little cuties!!
I'm not sure what they are for? I'm thinking maybe oil & vinegar set!?! But they are quite petite, so I'm wondering...

They stand almost a whole 4", without the little lids. Which in themselves are a little strange looking.

So, am I right or wrong, do you have any ideas?!? Let me know!!

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